Nagata & Associates Architects


福岡を拠点とした1983年創業の設計事務所です。2019年に2代目代表の平山に代替わりし、老舗の安心感とCGを駆使した若手主体の設計チームによる現代的なアイデア実行力を兼ね備えた珍しいスタイルの設計事務所に変貌を遂げました。これまで設計させていただいた建物は、住宅・茶室・別荘・集合住宅・寮・幼稚園・保育園・高等学校・大学・病院・クリニック(内科・小児科・皮膚科・脳神経外科・眼科・心療内科・循環器内科等)・薬局・特別養護老人ホーム・介護付き有料老人ホーム・グループホーム・デイサービス・デイケア・レストラン・寺社仏閣・ホテル・大規模商業施設・事務所ビルなど多岐にわたり、豊富な経験をクライアントの想いの実現に活かしております。 最先端現代建築から茶室までCGパース・ムービー・模型を駆使してご要望にお応えします。 場所を問わず、お呼びいただければどこでも設計いたします。


We are a design office founded in 1983 and based in Fukuoka. In 2019, Hirayama took over as the second generation representative, and we have transformed into a design office with an unusual style that combines the security of a long-established company with the ability to execute modern ideas by a young design team that makes full use of CG. The buildings I have designed so far include residences, tea rooms, villas, apartment complexes, dormitories, kindergartens, nursery schools, high schools, universities, hospitals, and clinics (internal medicine, pediatrics, dermatology, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, psychosomatic medicine, circulation). We have a wealth of experience working with clients in a wide range of fields, including internal medicine (internal medicine, etc.), pharmacies, special nursing homes, paid nursing homes with nursing care, group homes, day services, day care, restaurants, temples and shrines, hotels, large-scale commercial facilities, and office buildings. We are using it to realize our dreams. We use CG perspective, movies, and models to meet your needs, from cutting-edge modern architecture to tea rooms. No matter where you are, just call us and we will design it for you.